That brown rice is essentially the same as white rice, in the fact that it comes from the same plant. There is no “brown rice” plant and “white rice” plant. The difference between the two coloured rices is the process by which they are hulled. Whole grain rice consists of several layers. When only the outermost hull is removed, we end up with brown rice. It is when the rice is further milled, removing the bran and germ layer, that we end up with a whiter rice. The rice is then polished, removing the aleurone layer, giving us the white rice that we most often see in stores.

Most of us know by now that it is far healthier than white rice, and one of today’s soup has some of it for you to enjoy!   

Tomato, Brown Rice, Swiss Chard (from the UBC Farm), and Kidney Beans (gluten free and vegan)

Cream of BC Wild Mushroom


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