Farm to Canada Recognition

When Chef Steve and I were having our usual morning telephone exchange, we got to talking about Fair Trade Week, and all of the wonderful activities going on around campus this week.    Steve, being the tireless promoter that he is of good local food,  steered the conversation  to the importance of not only individuals buying local products, but to the university’s committment to providing its staff and students with fresh, nutritious, and LOCAL food.    Did you know that UBC is the first university in Canada to be formally recognized by the Farm to Canada program?  I didn’t either.      That’s quite a distinction, and something that the faculty, staff, and students here at UBC should be proud of!

Today’s Soups are:

Fresh Vegetable with Pesto and Swiss Chard – ***no nuts*** (gluten free and vegan)

Quinoa, Black Bean, Corn and Squash (gluten free and vegan) 

And by the way, in order  to prevent the Chef from going completely bananas, buy a banana to have with your soup.    Steve has purchased a ton of Fair Trade bananas for the Place Vanier Dining Room.


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