Happy Friday Soup Lovers!

What you think of leeks depends on where you are in the world.

In biblical times, after the children of Isreal left Egypt, leeks were mentioned in the bible as being one of the foods they most missed.   If you are French – in particular, a French chef, you might turn up your nose, sniff,  and call it a “poireau” which has a dual meaning – it also means “simpleton.”Elsewhere in Europe, chefs call it “poor man’s asparagus,” asparagus being a distant relative of the lowly leek.    But, nowhere is it more important than in Wales where it is an important symbol of St. David’s Day, and people (especially many years ago) there could often be seen wearing a feather in their caps.

So enjoy the sweet, subtle flavour of this member of the onion family in Chef Steve’s Cream of Potato and Leek soup!

And for those of you who would have a hankering for some meat along with some legumes, try some Smoked Sausage, Rice, Lentil,  and Chick Pea.


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