Turn up the heat on this frosty Wednesday.

It’s snowing, blowing, and downright chilly out there today.  Bundle up and head over to Vanier’s for some Mexican style soup today. 

This particular menu item features Mexican Mole  (pronounced MOH-lay) sauce.   The term mole is a generic Mexican term used for the words sauce or concoction.

The key ingredients for this dark brown sauce are ground seeds and/or nuts, a variety of chilis, and Mexican bittersweet chocolate.   A note about the chocolate:  The chef has tried using the plain old garden variety of chocolate and says that as far as flavour was concerned, it left a little to be desired.   He uses only the Ibarra brand of chocolate.   

He takes a couple of days to make a large batch of mole, and then freezes it in smaller portions for use such as this soup today.   The pork used was roasted once, and then smeared  in mole sauch and then roasted a second time to really deepen the flavour of the pork itself.  

Mexican-style Mole Pork with Rice and Corn **contains NUTS**

Wheatberry Lima & Kale


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