Even if it’s raining and miserable outside, it’s still Friday!   What better way to warm up your insides and end a busy work week  than to head over to Vanier’s for some delicious homemade soup prepared for you by Chef Steve.    

Turkey Vegetable Chowder

BC Wild Mushroom, Tomato and Spinach (gluten free and vegan)

Want to try and make the second soup yourself?   Don’t be shy – anyone can make good soup.   Chef Steve will explain how.


TOMATO, SPINACH and B.C. WILD MUSHROOMS      (Serves 4 people) 

~tomato juice 4 cups

~veggie stock 2 to 3 cups

~onions chopped ½ cup

~celery chopped ½ cup

~wild mushrooms 1 to 2 cups

~baby spinach 2 cups chopped

~green onions chopped ½ cup

~carrots chopped ½ cup

~sea salt to taste

~black pepper to taste

~oregano 2 tablespoon

~chopped parsley ½ cup

~bay leaf (2) ** when adding salt remember that bay leaves are salty in taste

~garlic chopped 1 tablespoon

~tomato paste 3 tablespoon

~chopped tomato ½ cup

~olive oil 3 tablespoon


~heat oil over med heat

~add celery, onion ,carrot and  cook  1 to 2 min

~add mushrooms

~add garlic

~add bay leaf

~add all tomato products, veggie stock bring to boil few minutes then put to simmer

~add all spices, cook 15 minute

~add spinach and green onions.cook a minute or so


…serve with crusty bread..can add parmesean cheese on top when serving in individual bowls.

Did you know…

…that mushrooms are BC’s second most valuable edible horticultural crop, after apples, with retail slaes estimated at $50 million? BC supplies almost all of its own mushrooms. About 93% of mushrooms eaten are grown here. There are approximately 60 producers who grow 15 million kg of mushrooms. About 65% are eaten fresh; the other 35% are processed. BC produces about 25% of all mushrooms grown in Canada. About one-half of the mushrooms grown here are eaten here. The other half is exported to other provinces, the United Stated or as far away as Japan.


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